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2024 subject adjustments

Following positive feedback from schools, the SACE Board has approved the continuation of subject adjustments for 2024. The subject adjustments are designed to maximise the flexibility for curriculum and assessment decisions to be made earlier in the year and in response to local and emerging needs.

The 2024 subject adjustments fall into three categories: 

  • continuing adjustments — subject adjustments from 2023 will continue in 2024
  • revised adjustments — subject adjustments from 2023 will not continue in 2024
  • no adjustments — subjects where adjustments were not offered in 2023, and will not be offered in 2024, because sufficient flexibilities already exist.

The following principles guided the adjustments for 2024:

  • revisions to assessment must not compromise the integrity of senior certification or public confidence in the credentials issued to senior students
  • the learning promise is upheld; students will have the opportunity to learn and develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities that are offered within each subject outline if the adjustments are utilised
  • the adjustments offered honour the intent of the learning described in subject outlines while providing flexibility in the way in which the evidence of learning can be provided
  • the SACE Board values the professional judgment of teachers and schools to implement the adjustments to support students to demonstrate their learning
  • fairness and equity are central to the SACE and should inform any decisions made in designing and implementing adjustments to subject requirements.

The following factors affecting assessment have been taken into consideration:

  • reducing tasks that cover the same performance standards or skills
  • maintaining the balance of workload and weightings of assessment types 
  • providing a minimum and maximum number of assessment tasks where possible 
  • maintaining adequate opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning and development over the course of the year.  

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