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Redeveloped Stage 2 Biology will be taught for the first time in 2018.

The study of Biology is constructed around inquiry into and application of understanding the diversity of life as it has evolved, the structure and function of living things, and how they interact with their own and other species and their environments.

Students investigate biological systems and their interactions, from the perspectives of energy, control, structure and function, change, and exchange in microscopic cellular structures and processes, through to macroscopic ecosystem dynamics. These investigations allow students to extend the skills, knowledge, and understanding that enable them to explore and explain everyday observations, find solutions to biological issues and problems, and understand how biological science impacts on their lives.

Stage 1 subject code: 1BGY10 or 1BGY20

Credits: 10 or 20

Stage 2 subject code: 2BGY20

Credits: 20

Stage 1 subject outline 2018 [DOC 224 KB]

Stage 2 subject outline 2018 [DOC 262KB]


Subject change in 2018

Redeveloped Stage 2 Biology will be taught for the first time in 2018.


Changes to moderation sample selection

The SACE Board no longer selects Stage 2 moderation samples for school assessed materials. Teachers are responsible for selecting the moderation sample.

Read more about moderation sample selection, including FAQs and an instructional video.

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