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Subjects for online submission

The following subjects are submitted online for online marking and online moderation. There will be no hard copy submission of assessment materials for these subjects.

Stage 2 subjects Online submission
(externally assessed materials)
(school assessed materials)
Aboriginal Studies NEW IN 2019
Agricultural Production NEW IN 2019
Agricultural Systems NEW IN 2019
Australian Languages
Ancient Studies
Australian and International Politics NEW IN 2019
Business and Enterprise
Child Studies NEW IN 2019
Community Studies
Cross-disciplinary Studies
Dance NEW IN 2019
Design and Technology - Communication Products NEW IN 2019
Design and Technology - Material Products NEW IN 2019
Design and Technology - Systems and Control Products NEW IN 2019
Digital Technologies NEW IN 2019
Drama NEW IN 2019
Earth and Environmental Science NEW IN 2019
English as an Additional Language NEW IN 2019
English Literary Studies
Essential English
Food and Hospitality NEW IN 2019
Indonesian (continuers)
Information Processing and Publishing NEW IN 2019
Integrated Learning NEW IN 2019
Language and Culture NEW IN 2019
Legal Studies NEW IN 2019
Media Studies
Modern History NEW IN 2019
Music Explorations NEW IN 2019
Music Performance – Ensemble NEW IN 2019
Music Performance – Solo NEW IN 2019
Music Studies NEW IN 2019
Nutrition (10-credit) NEW IN 2019
Nutrition (20-credit) NEW IN 2019
Outdoor Education NEW IN 2019
Psychology (10-credit) NEW IN 2019
Psychology (20-credit) NEW IN 2019
Religion Studies
Research Project
Scientific Studies NEW IN 2019
Society and Culture NEW IN 2019
Tourism NEW IN 2019
Women's Studies NEW IN 2019
Workplace Practices

Our plan is to have all SACE subjects available for online submission by 2020.

Once assessment materials have been submitted to Schools Online, externally assessed materials will be marked online, and school assessed materials will be moderated online.

We will continue to work with schools during this period to identify the most suitable subjects to transition each year. We recognise some subjects may require further consultation and support before moving into this space.

Why these subjects?

During our consultation sessions with teachers, we learned that students in the selected subjects were already submitting their subject materials electronically to the teacher. It then makes sense for the subject materials to be submitted online to the SACE Board. These subjects were also found to be manageable for schools, in terms of size and scale.

Stage 2 teachers of the selected subjects are encouraged to review their learning and assessment plan and consider any changes that:

  • take advantage of the opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in electronic ways, and
  • ensure teachers can directly upload student work to Schools Online without the need to digitally scan materials.

The SACE Policy Framework [DOC 154KB] and the subject outline specifications are not changing for these subjects. The move to online marking and moderation is not a policy change. It is a procedural change to the method by which materials are submitted - from hard copy to online.