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COVID-19 no distraction for focused Michael

Tuesday 15 December 2020

School captain Michael Trezise Donald has not let the distractions of COVID-19 get in the way of completing his SACE.

Cicilia Begbia

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The 17-year-old Swan Reach Area School student spent six weeks learning from home during the global pandemic.

But Michael was able to adapt to this new way of learning and continue with his studies.

Michael undertook a Certificate III in Engineering, as well Stage 2 subjects in English, Integrated Learning, General Mathematics, Material Solutions, and the Research Project.

“When we had to learn from home because of COVID-19, I found it OK. I picked it up pretty quickly and just continued on with my assignments.

“We used Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom while we learned from home, which we had never used before, but after two to three weeks I had picked it up.

“I learned from home for around six weeks and I pretty much followed the same schedule. I would set weekly goals and stick to them. 

“It was better in some ways to learn from home. There weren’t as many distractions at home than at school and I was really able to focus on my assignments and homework. 

“I liked the Zoom meetings and if we needed any help, we just sent messages to our teachers or peers on Microsoft Teams.

“COVID-19 has definitely taught me more time management skills, particularly with online learning.”

Every Thursday, Michael made the four hour round trip to Berri’s TAFE campus to undertake his Certificate III in Engineering. 

“It took up the whole day but it was worth it. I have always enjoyed getting outside and hands-on with practical learning in welding and fabrication, as well as previously in agriculture.”

After completing his SACE and Certificate III in Engineering, Michael will start an apprenticeship as a metal fabrication boilermaker in 2021 with Bow Hill Engineering.