Stage 2 school assessment and moderation

School assessment

SACE subjects are 70% school assessed at Stage 2.

The SACE Board defines school assessment as 'assessments that are set by the school, in accordance with subject outlines, and carried out by the school'.

At Stage 2 the SACE Board supports teachers in their assessment role in many ways, including moderating the school assessment component in all Stage 2 subjects.


During moderation, samples of student work are reviewed to make sure that the grades are consistent with the performance standards for the subject.

Stage 2 moderation confirms teachers' interpretation of the performance standards before students receive their final subject grades.

In each Stage 2 subject, teachers select the sample of students whose school assessment work is to be submitted for final moderation. Find out more about moderation sample selection

Moderation occurs at the end of Semester 1 for the Stage 2 Research Project and at the end of Semester 2 for all Stage 2 subjects.

After results are released, the SACE Board provides quantitative and qualitative data on the moderation outcome to all schools. Schools incorporate the feedback from moderation into their improving and planning processes for the following year.

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