Stage 1 school assessment and moderation

School assessment

SACE subjects are 100% school assessed at Stage 1.

The SACE Board defines school assessment as 'assessments that are set by the school, in accordance with subject outlines, and carried out by the school'.

At Stage 1 the SACE Board supports teachers in their assessment role in many ways, including moderating compulsory subjects.


During moderation, samples of student work are reviewed to make sure the assessment decisions (grades) are consistent with the performance standards for the subject.

Stage 1 moderation confirms that students have met the compulsory Stage 1 requirements of the SACE. Stage 1 English and mathematics subjects and the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) are moderated. For most schools, only the C and D grades are moderated, as the C grade represents the minimum essential grade required in these subjects.

The compulsory requirements are important at Stage 1 — their focus is on student literacy and numeracy, and on helping students to plan for their SACE studies and future pathways through the PLP.

Stage 1 moderation takes place each semester towards the end of the teaching and learning program.

After moderation, schools receive feedback either confirming the grades or recommending adjustments. Teachers apply the moderation feedback in any subsequent assessment tasks and to students' final results that are submitted to the SACE Board. This ensures that final results are consistent and fair.

The SACE Board checks that the final results submitted by schools reflect the feedback from moderation, including any necessary adjustments to results.

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