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Assessment responsibilities

Teachers give grades in line with performance standards, develop school procedures to check the authenticity of student work, and submit materials for moderation and external assessment. Teachers can access a range of policies and procedures to help manage their assessment responsibilities.

The assessment responsibilities of teachers are:

  • to develop and amend learning and assessment plans for each subject (Stage 1 and Stage 2)
  • to grade student work according to performance standards and learning requirements
  • to develop school procedures to authenticate student work
  • to submit student work to the SACE Board for moderation and external assessment (Stage 2 subjects) and to note any adjustments for internal improvement purposes
  • to submit student work to the SACE Board for moderation (Stage 1 compulsory subjects) and to incorporate any adjustments into final Stage 1 results.

The assessment responsibilities of the SACE Board are:

  • to quality assure the 70% school assessment component in each subject through moderation
  • to manage the 30% external assessment component
  • to combine the results for both assessment components
  • to report students' results
  • to publish subject assessment advice for each Stage 2 subject.
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