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Getting started SACE Management Q&A's

When do I transfer out students?

The SACE Board does not transfer out any students on a schools behalf. All students who have completed the SACE or have left your school will remain at your contact school unless they are transferred out.

It’s essential to transfer students out on a regular basis as this provides a more accurate search facility.

You may receive an error message when performing a Rollover if you have not transferred students out and the year level increment has reached 20. This will block you from successfully performing a rollover.

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Where do SACE Coordinators get training?

In addition to this getting started page we have a new SACE Coordinators will be further supported with an induction PLATO course

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When and how do I do a rollover?

You should initiate a rollover at the beginning of the year prior to making any changes in Schools Online and before performing an import. Important Note: please be mindful of the ‘clear homegroups’ button as once homegroups are cleared they cannot be reinstated.

Once a rollover has been completed you can edit class information, change teachers, delete classes not required and add students.

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How do I maintain the User/Teacher List?

You require Principal’s Delegate access to log in to the User/Teacher List Screen. Check all current teachers at your school have a teacher account and delete any teachers that are no longer at your school. Add a new teacher by selecting 'Add new teacher'.

Check all teachers have a user account, with correct email addresses and they are linked to their teacher account. This will provide them with access log in and view their classes.

Any email accounts that are incorrect should be deleted and created again. Important Note: this will affect their PLATO log in, they may need to create a new password.

Create new users by selecting 'Add new User' and enter school email address. Select 'Check' button as this checks if the teacher already has a user account. Provide the relevant access and 'SAVE'.

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How do I import files from an external source?

Schools can import data including teachers, classes, and students from external sources such as EDSAS, Daymap etc.

You will find instructions on how to import files in the PDFs below.


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When is the Term 1 SACE Management conference?

The SACE Board have paused SACE Management Conferences. In 2021, in response to COVID-19 we experimented with the format of how we provided support for those managing SACE within school communities. This has led us to develop our new Getting Started pack for 2022. This pack will help to keep track of the essential Term 1 tasks that need to be managed, as well as an opportunity to engage in a SACE Management Q&A's.

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How do I get support?

General support

Our askSACE team can help you with any questions you have about the SACE. If they don't know the answer, they'll get you in touch with the people who do.
+61 8 8115 4700 (fax +61 8 8124 4553)
Monday to Friday, 8.30 am - 5 pm

Subject support

Each subject has an expert allocated to it. They should be your go-to person for subject-specific questions. You can use the subject search to find their details.

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