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Previously Information sheet 48 Written examinations — question booklets

Security requirements and delivery dates for written examination question booklets.

There are strict procedures for the delivery, storage, and opening of the packages containing the question booklets for written examinations.

Question booklets and front covers

Front covers

The front covers of question booklets and sample front covers of script books for written examinations will be available for the relevant subjects in mid-September.

Teachers should ensure that students familiarise themselves with the front covers before the examination.

Question booklets

The questions booklets for examinations will be sent by courier to examination centres in South Australia, the Northern Territory, and SACEi as per the table below:

Examinations in weeks beginning Examinations arrive in schools by
14, 21, and 28 October Monday 14 October
4 and 11 November Wednesday 30 October

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Security and distribution of question booklets

Signing for packages

The packages of question booklets must be treated with the utmost security. The couriers are instructed to sign over packages only to SACE coordinators or principals.

SACE coordinators or principals who have a personal conflict of interest with a student completing a Stage 2 examination should not handle examination materials.

Couriers will return the packages to the SACE Board if they are unable to sign them over to the authorised person.

Checking packages 

The question booklets will be sealed in transparent plastic, as described in Information sheet 46. These packages will be dispatched to examination centres in sealed cartons or satchels

Only the SACE coordinator and/or the principal are to handle the cartons or satchels.

The SACE coordinator (not teachers of the subject) must check:

  • that there are question booklets for each subject to be examined at the centre.
  • the number of booklets delivered, without opening the packages of question booklets
  • before the examination date, each CD/MP3 in full, on the device that will be used to play it on the day of the examination (English as an Additional Language, languages, and Music Studies). Strict security must be observed during the test-playing of CDs/MP3s. This check is described in Information sheet 46 and should be in time for any faulty CD/MP3 to be replaced if necessary. Contact immediately if you need a replacement CD/MP3
  • all the equipment on the day of the examination, and ensure that the CD/MP3 playing device does not face the students.

Storage of question booklets

Store the packages of question booklets in a fixed safe at the school. A petty-cash safe is not adequate for overnight storage. If necessary, make arrangements to use a local bank safe. Previous experience indicates that most banks will provide this service to schools that are customers. If you have any doubts about the security of packages of question booklets at your centre, contact

Opening packages

The packages of question booklets are to be opened only in the examination room, immediately before the question booklets are distributed to students. The only permissible exception is when multiple rooms are used. In this case you may open the package of question booklets in an examination room in time to sort the question booklets for the various rooms. This is to be carried out on the day of the examination and as close to the examination start time as possible (see Information sheet 46).

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