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Registration of students — declarations
Information sheet 24

Details about the declaration checklist for Stage 2 students whose SACE registration slips have declarations set to N (no), or for whom the SACE Board has no declarations. Schools should use Schools Online to produce the declaration checklist.

The SACE registration process requires students to sign and return a SACE registration slip. This is usually done at Stage 1.

The SACE Board overprints the SACE registration slips with Y (yes) declarations. Students are required to change one or all of the following declarations to N (no) if they do not want the SACE Board to release information about them.

Y (yes) declarations allow the SACE Board to release:

1. information to:

  • schools and other places of study that provide assessments for the student
  • authorities or individuals for bona fide research and professional development purposes specifically approved by the SACE Board
  • authorities or individuals with specific written authority from the student to apply for such information

2. outstanding results to the media

3. results information to the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC).

It is recommended that schools produce the declaration checklist (using Schools Online) during Term 2 to ensure that SATAC has the correct information to enable students to access SATAC’s application process. Advise the SACE Board of any changes to the declarations by emailing

In late July, the SACE Board sends reports of outstanding registration slips for students enrolled in Stage 2 subjects.