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A student in my class is missing from the results sheet, what do I do?

Confirm that it is appropriate to add the student to the results sheet with the Principal's Delegate at your school.

If you need to add a student, please refer to the "Adding a student" process in the Teacher Instruction Sheet, on the Schools Online page on the SACE website.

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Why can't I see details of the other subjects my students are studying?

ORS allows you to edit results sheets for the classes that you teach. The Principal's Delegate has the ability to view all results sheets at your school.

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Why don't I have a results sheet for my class?

Results sheets are released on different dates. Please refer to the subject operational information, located on the relevant subject minisite, for results submission dates.

If you still cannot see the results sheet for your class, please contact askSACE on (08) 8115 4700 or contact your Principal's Delegate.

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A student in my class has left my class/school and is still on the result sheet, what do I do?

As the teacher of the class you need to withdraw the student from the result sheet and send to the Principal's Delegate.

The Principal's Delegate will authorise the withdrawal and send the results sheet to the SACE Board. The enrolment will then be withdrawn for that student.

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Can I edit my class?

Class teachers are only able to view their classes in Schools Online. Any changes to classes will need to be made by the Principal's Delegate prior to the cut-off date.

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I've entered all of my students' results, but the results sheet is still showing as In Progress on my dashboard. Do I need to do anything else?

Yes, you need to send the results sheet to the Principal's Delegate.

  • Open the results sheet by clicking on the Edit Results Sheet link on your Dashboard
  • Check that all the grades have been entered correctly
  • Click the green Send to Principal's Delegate button
  • You will be prompted to acknowledge the accuracy of the data. Tick the acceptance checkbox
  • Click the Send to Principal's Delegate button.

The results sheet will then be sent to the Principal's Delegate for checking and submission to the SACE Board.

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As a teacher, why can't I send the results sheet directly to the SACE Board?

The Principal's Delegate is the person appointed by the Principal at your school with the responsibly for submitting results to the SACE Board. This allows the results to be checked and approved before they are processed by the SACE Board.

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I am a teacher, what else can I do on the system other than enter results?

Schools Online enables teachers to:

  • view their own classes
  • enter results online
  • withdraw and add students for review by the Principal's Delegate
  • save and export results sheets
  • send final results sheets to the Principal's Delegate
  • reset their own password.

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I have submitted a results sheet to the Principal's Delegate in error; what do I do?

Contact the Principal's Delegate at your school. The Principal's Delegate has the ability to return the results sheet to a teacher.

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