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Functionality - Stage 2 results sheet

Do I need to use the School Assessment Grade Calculator on the SACE website with Schools Online?

No. Teachers enter grades (A+ to E-) for each assessment type. The combined school assessment grade will automatically be calculated and displayed in ORS.

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I have submitted a special provisions application to the SACE Board for a student seeking an extension to the submission date for his/her Stage 2 Investigation. What do I enter on the investigation results sheet?

You will not be required to make an entry on the results sheet for the student.

When a special provisions application is submitted to the SACE Board a 'Y' (approved) or 'P' (pending) will appear in the Special Provisions column on the results sheet showing the status of the application.

When this status appears on the results sheet you will not need to enter a result for the student. All other students on the results sheet will still require a result to be entered, or be withdrawn.

The results sheet can then be submitted to the Principals Delegate and then onto the SACE Board before the submission date for processing.

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I am unable to provide a result for a student on the results sheet as the student requires additional time to finish his/her investigation. I cannot submit the results sheet, why?

The results sheet cannot be submitted because an entry for every student on the results sheet is mandatory unless a special provisions application seeking an extension has been submitted to the SACE Board.

If a student is requiring an extension to the SACE Board submission date then a special provisions application Form 31 [PDF 190KB], must be submitted to the SACE Board before the cut-off date for entering results for the Investigation on Schools Online.

Once the SACE Board has received and processed the application, the status indicator in the special provisions column on the results sheet will show Y' (approved) or 'P' (pending). A result for the student will then not be required and the results sheet can be submitted.

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If a student has been granted an extension to the submission date for an Investigation on the grounds of special provisions, how do I provide the SACE Board with the result for the investigation once it has been marked?

The teacher or Principals' Delegate will need to print the results sheet and manually add the student's result to the results sheet. The results sheet must then be submitted to the SACE Board along with the student's investigation by the extension date granted.

More detailed instructions regarding submission of the student work and result are available on the Special Provisions minisite. This information is also provided to the Principal and SACE Coordinator when a student's application for an extension has been approved.

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How do I enter a student's result on the Investigation Results Sheets when a potential breach of rules has occurred in an Investigation?

A breach of rules occurs when a student has not abided by the rules for the SACE Assessment or the teacher is unable to verify work submitted by the student is his/her own.

To identify a potential breach of rules on the Result Sheet you need to tick the breach box alongside the students' name and submit a Breach of Rules Form 02 [PDF 562KB] to the SACE Board with all relevant information.

As the SACE Board determines the penalty for a breach of rules in an external investigation, the result that should be entered for the student on the Investigation Results sheet is the result obtained by the student prior to applying any penalty, i.e. based on the work at face value.

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How do I enter results online if my student will not be submitting an Investigation but is submitting School Assessment work?

In the exceptional circumstance where a student does not submit an investigation but will submit school assessment work, mark student as withdrawn on the Investigation Results sheet (this will Withdraw the student from the subject).

The student will not appear on the School Assessment Result sheet.

You will need to add the student to the School Assessment results sheet and add the result


Contact askSACE and they will work with the Operations and Results Team to add the student name to the school assessment online results sheet for you.

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