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Electronic exams for teachers

Following the success of the English Literary Studies electronic examination in 2018, we are extending the format to Modern History and Psychology this year.

As a teacher of one of these three subjects, your students will sit an electronic examination in November.

  • 6 November – Modern History at 1.30 pm (ACDT)
  • 7 November – English Literary Studies at 1.30 pm (ACDT)
  • 14 November – Psychology at 1.30 pm (ACDT)

So let’s get started.

One of the biggest contributors to the success of the electronic examination last year was the partnership approach between the SACE Board and schools.

As well as regular updates to the website and social media channels, we will communicate with you directly via email and encourage you to connect with teachers at your school or local school network who were involved in electronic examinations in 2018 to learn from their experiences.

Together we will keep communication lines open, and work with you through the change to ensure your students have a positive experience with the electronic examination format.

Students will have the opportunity to try out the format during our familiarisation activities well in advance of the exam.

Our enquiry line is askSACE@sa.gov.au – please use this to ask any questions you may have along the way.

It’s important to remember that the best preparation for an electronic exam is in the subject learning. The electronic format is just an alternative way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities. Last year, students overwhelmingly told us they welcomed the new electronic format because it was in keeping with how they use technology throughout their schooling and their lives. 

A range of activities are now available for you to familiarise yourself with the look and feel of the electronic examination. 

In addition to familiarisation activities, we’ve developed some subject specific resources to further support your preparations.

Speak to your teacher or SACE coordinator if you have questions about electronic examinations.

If you have a disability, or have been affected by misadventure or personal circumstances beyond your control, you may be eligible for special provisions.

Here’s a bit more about what teachers had to say about the 2018 English Literary Studies electronic examination, including some tips for those of you who are new to the format.

As with any aspect of the SACE, special provisions are available for students who are eligible.