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Special provisions for electronic examinations

Students sitting an electronic examination can be eligible for special provisions on the basis of disability, misadventure, and/or personal circumstances.

For more about how special provisions are currently applied to examinations, see special provisions.

Prepare special provisions for electronic examinations

Schools should plan to manage special provisions for electronic examinations so that reasonable adjustments can be applied for a student when they sit an electronic examination.

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School-approved special provisions for electronic examinations

Schools are responsible for approving and implementing reasonable adjustments that can be managed in the school context. Examples of school-approved adjustments include:

  • extra reading time
  • extra writing time
  • use of rest breaks (without loss of reading/writing time)
  • use of a reader, or clarifier
  • access to medication (with time made up for attending to medical needs)
  • separate invigilation.

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SACE Board-approved special provisions for electronic examinations

Schools must submit Form 31 to the SACE Board for students with a disability who will require reasonable adjustments to sit the electronic examination. This form should be submitted as soon as possible so the required adjustment(s) can be put in place.

Examples of adjustments that affect the delivery of the Stage 2 electronic examinations include:

  • provision of examination in paper format instead of electronic format
  • use of assistive technology for examination in an electronic format
  • use of a word processor instead of an electronic examination
  • use of derived result (formerly known as a moderated predicted result).

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Misadventure and personal circumstances

The SACE Board is responsible for considering requests for special provisions in examinations on the grounds of misadventure and personal circumstances.

Examples of misadventure could be a technical failure that interrupts the delivery of the electronic examinations, which impacts on a student’s ability to participate in, or comply with the requirements or conditions of the examination on the same basis as other students.

In this situation, students are encouraged to request a derived result on the grounds of a misadventure. To request a derived result, schools must submit Form 32 immediately following the examination.

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Setting up special provisions for electronic examinations

Some special provisions (e.g. additional time) will need to be set up in the electronic examination system before the examination commences.

Guidelines for and training in managing special provisions in the electronic examination system will be provided for SACE coordinators in the lead up to the August practice window.

The adjustments listed above are not an exhaustive list. Please contact the SACE Board on +61 8 8115 4854 if further advice is required.

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