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Practice window for electronic exams

The practice window was scheduled between 5–16 August this year to assist schools in their preparation for electronic examinations in Modern History, Psychology and English Literary Studies.

The practice window was one of a number of technical and change readiness activities developed by the SACE Board to support schools.

What is a practice window?

The practice window is an opportunity for schools to prepare for the final examinations the way they choose.

  • assess their technical readiness and their exam day preparedness
  • have the flexibility to schedule student examination practice in times that best suit their students
  • access an electronic version of last year's SACE subject specific examination
  • determine if students do multiple practice exams across all three subjects.

Within the window, students can access an electronic version of a 2018 subject specific examination using the SACE Examination Browser.

Subject teachers can request a PDF extract of their students’ responses. Because the 2018 English Literary Studies, Psychology and Modern History examinations will be used, a unique paper will not be developed.

Schools do not have to register to participate and can be involved on any day during the period nominated. 

The SACE Board askSACE support team will provide support for schools from 9 am–5 pm Monday to Friday during the practice window. 

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Preparing for the practice window

Training is available to support the delivery of electronic exams. Exam school administrators and exam invigilators are encouraged to undertake the training prior to their participation in the practice window.

The SACE electronic examination instruction guide [PDF 3.2MB] supports the training and provides step-by-step instructions on administering an electronic examination.

AskSACE can support your preparations for participation in the practice window.

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Is participation in the practice window compulsory?

Participation in the practice window is not compulsory. However, our experience in 2018 demonstrated that schools found the opportunity to test their technical and change readiness invaluable in their preparations for the final examination as well as giving students an examination practice.

Do we need to register our practice times?

No, the SACE Board will provide support to schools during the examination period (between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday). There is no need to register your times.

Do we need to participate if we successfully administered the English Literary Studies examination in 2018?

Participation is encouraged for all schools, regardless of their involvement in 2018. The practice window will give exam staff an opportunity to assess their technical and exam day readiness and students an examination practice experience.

Will training be provided for invigilators prior to the practice window?

Yes, Phase One Role Clarification Workshop training for SACE coordinators and IT managers will be available in May and Phases Two and Three online training via Plato during June/July. It is highly recommended all exam-day staff participate in the training prior to the practice window.

Can we run multiple practice exams during the window?

Yes, the number of exams and the duration of the exam you conduct during the window is up to you. Some schools may choose for students to complete the full examination, some a question, others may just wish to confirm technical access.  

Student login

Students will use their SACE student registration number to log in to the practice examination. Schools are encouraged to get enrolments in these subjects recorded early in Schools Online. 

What support will the SACE Board provide during the practice window?

The askSACE team will be on hand to provide support from 9am till 5pm (ACST) Monday to Friday during the practice window and can be contacted on 08 8115 4712 or askSACE@sa.gov.au

Will I be able to mark the student responses?

Yes, your school will have access to PDF extracts of student responses after they have completed examinations. It is worth noting the examinations used for the practice window are subject papers from 2018 and are publically available on the SACE website.

Can we access the practice examinations outside of the practice window?

No, the access window for the practice examinations is fixed, however a range of familiarisation activities, based on past examinations will be available on the SACE website from April.

Will the SACE Board provide exam materials (e.g. attendance slips) for the practice window?

No, the SACE Board will not provide exam materials for the practice window. 

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