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General overview

The SACE Board is introducing electronic examinations.

Our vision

The electronic examinations program will provide better examinations that are more authentic and relevant for students.

Computers are routinely used in students’ studies and the program reflects this changing way of working.

Student learning will be assessed more creatively, maximising the opportunities for them to show what they have learned, how they can use it in unrehearsed situations, and the extent to which they have developed the SACE capabilities.

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The key messages

  • Stage 2 English Literary Studies students were the first to sit an electronic examination in 2018. Additional subjects are being progressively introduced.
  • Electronic examinations will provide better assessment that is more authentic and relevant for students.
  • Electronic examinations align with schools’ digital education plans.
  • Electronic examinations recognise the ways students use computers in their learning and everyday lives.
  • As traditional paper-based marking arrangements transition to online the efficient transfer of data across the marking system will allow the SACE Board to improve the quality assurance of students’ results.
  • As the nature of teaching and learning continues to evolve as technology opens up new forms of learning and creative expression for students SACE examinations will evolve, enabling new things to be assessed in new ways.
  • The SACE Board is working with schools and the schooling sectors to ensure students can successfully participate in electronic examinations.

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