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Electronic exams for parents and community

The SACE Board of South Australia introduced electronic examinations for the first time in 2018 as part of the ongoing modernisation of the SACE. Stage 2 English Literary Studies students were the first to use it when they sat their examination on 7 November.

This year, Modern History, Psychology, and English Literary Studies students will sit electronic examinations in November.

Moving to electronic examinations better reflects how today's students are learning in schools, further education, and the workplace.

During August, students had the opportunity to participate in a practice window that helped prepare them for their exams in November. In the lead up to the August practice window it was beneficial for students to make use of our familiarisation activities to help them feel comfortable with the look and feel of an electronic examination.

The electronic examination has been designed so the reference material and questions are presented simply. The look, feel, and features (like scrolling and navigation) are designed to be familiar to students from using the internet every day.

Teachers will support students’ preparation for an electronic examination. The best preparation for an examination presented either electronically is engagement in subject learning.