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Electronic exams for parents and community

The SACE Board is introducing electronic examinations for the first time in 2018 as part of the ongoing modernisation of the SACE. On 7 November, Stage 2 English Literary Studies students will be the first in the country to undertake an electronic examination.

Moving to electronic examinations better reflects how today's students are learning in schools, further education, and the workplace.

Teachers have supported student’s preparation during the year. The best preparation for an examination, presented either electronically or on paper, is engagement in subject learning, i.e. critical reading.

The electronic examination has been designed so the critical reading texts and questions are presented simply. 

All schools have successfully prepared for an electronic examination and have declared their readiness and capability to participate. To be able to confidently make this decision, schools have successfully completed extensive system and network testing, had their exam administrator and exam invigilator complete comprehensive training, and prepared students by delivering a trial electronic examination. 

Students that sit the electronic examination will be provided with a paper version of the question booklet and can then choose to read from screen or from paper before answering the questions electronically.

Students will be fully supported during the electronic examination and any potential technical interruption will be dealt with calmly and professionally. 

Follow up and support

Any procedural enquiries regarding exam day should be directed to your school’s SACE coordinator.