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Meet the artist

Kate Hendry, 2020 SACE Art Show ACSA Award recipient

How do you feel to be an award winner at the 2020 SACE Art Show?

I was very happy to receive an award for my piece ‘Becoming a woman in 2020’. Specifically from Adelaide Central School of Art, as I intend to study there.

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What was the inspiration behind your work?

My work was inspired by a desire to investigate the internal and external aspects of a person and how we can portray these differences through portraiture.

Tell us about the creative process you took with your work?

My creative process involved firstly painting the two figures, before cutting them out and combining them into a sculpture. I painted the figures simultaneously over a period of approximately two months. 

What advice would you have to Stage 2 Visual Arts students in 2020?

I would advise Stage 2 Visual Arts students to manage their time effectively and to avoid procrastinating too much, as the final deadlines came around quicker than anticipated.

What pathway have you taken after your SACE?

I am planning to do some travelling and then study a Bachelors in Visual Art at Adelaide Central School of Art followed by a Masters in Teaching, so I can teach Art, while continuing to paint.