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Meet the artist

Abbey Wood, 2020 Eckersley’s Encouragement Award recipient

How do you feel to be an award winner at the 2020 SACE Art Show?

I feel quite accomplished to have won an award in a field that I am very passionate about. Seeing all my hard work being recognised is also refreshing.

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What was the inspiration behind your work?

The piece was inspired by the Italian opera Pagliacci as well as a reflective interpretation of my inner self. 

Tell us about the creative process you took with your work.

I generated ideas of mental health and horror to establish a theme. This was explored in my folio and eventually conceptualised into the piece you see today.

What advice would you have to Stage 2 Visual Arts students in 2020?

Focus on topics within art that interest you the most to stay motivated. Also remember art is just as important as every other subject. Make sure you keep on top of it throughout the year to avoid tears at the end.

What pathway have you taken after your SACE?

As I am currently on a gap year, I intend to study art in 2021. I’m not sure where this pathway will take me but I am excited to explore the different opportunities this may bring.