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Meet the artist

Tullia Sellen, 2021 AEU SACE Art Show Award recipient.

How do you feel to be an award winner at the 2021 SACE Art Show?

I’m feeling pretty stoked. I was shocked they even chose to hang the work!

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What was the inspiration behind your work?

I was most inspired by my love of the garden, rendering plants, and the impeccable pattern work of William Morris. 

Tell us about the creative process you took with your work?

Once I had formulated a direction for my piece based on the over-arching theme of botanicals, the focus became developing symbolism. This manifested in three main processes: research, experimentation, and finally, thumbnailing. 

What advice would you have to Stage 2 Visual Arts students in 2021?

I took the course twice and only succeeded in completing it in Year 12 after having to drop it in Year 11 due to feeling completely overwhelmed. Choosing a Visual Study topic within my comfort zone subject matter-wise and staying on top of the workload throughout the year instead of letting it build up really helped me as a Stage 2 student. 

What pathway are you taking after your SACE – university/TAFE/jobs?

I am currently on a gap year, saving money for college or, potentially, travel. I plan to study at uni at some stage, although the timing and degree I will choose to undertake are a mystery for the time being.