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Grade calculator help

Selecting a subject

Select either Stage 1 or Stage 2, then select a subject from the menu.

Selecting a subject

For Stage 1 subjects, you will now need to set the weightings. For Stage 2, you can begin adding students.

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Setting the weightings (Stage 1 only)

For Stage 1 (after selecting a subject) you need to set the weighting for each assessment type, based on your subject's learning and assessment plan. Total weighting must equal 100%. Once weightings have been entered, select 'Set Weightings'.

For Stage 2 subjects, the weighting is automatically set and cannot be changed. The weighting for each assessment type is described in every subject outline.

Setting the weightings

Once the weightings are set, you can begin adding students.

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Adding students and calculating grades

After selecting a subject and setting the weightings, you can add students and start calculating school assessment grades.

  1. Enter the student's ID or name (optional)
  2. Enter a grade for each assessment type (A to E for Stage 1 and A+ to Eāˆ’ for Stage 2)
  3. Use 'Notes' to enter any other relevant information (optional)
  4. The final Stage 1 or final Stage 2 school assessment grade will be calculated automatically on the right.

Select 'Add Student' to add another row to the table, then repeat steps 1ā€“4 for each student.

adding students and calculating grades

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Saving a class

The calculator doesn't save your work automatically, and will reset after a period of inactivity. If you need to save your class to continue later, select 'Save Class'.

Your browser will prompt you to download a .csv file to your device. You can then use this to load your class.

Saving a class


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Loading a class

If you have previously saved a class, you can load the same class back into the calculator to continue your work.

  1. Select 'Load Class'.

Load a class


  1. Select 'Browse' and locate the previously downloaded .csv file on your device.

Load a class - Browse to file


  1. The .csv file is now ready to be uploaded. Select 'Load Class'.

Load a class - Select file

The previously saved class will be loaded and you can continue your work. Be sure to save your class again if you make changes.

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