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Professional learning in assessment and teaching online

PLATO is the SACE Board's online professional learning platform.

Teachers now use PLATO for clarifying Stage 2 subjects.

The platform is available for all SACE teachers to support their interpretation and application of their performance standards.

The transition to online professional learning will:

  • provide regional and rural schools with greater access to professional development opportunities
  • provide teachers with greater access to the SACE Board's professional learning at a time and place that suits them, while still connecting with expert teachers from a wide range of schools
  • enable teachers to calibrate their standards at a time that suits their daily schedules
  • provide school leaders with the flexibility to support teachers in calibrating their standards.

Online clarifying courses will replace traditional clarifying workshops, and support greater equity of access to professional learning for more teachers. The online delivery means that more teachers will have access to materials that will be available throughout the year. It will also support teachers to focus on particular aspects of the clarifying courses as it suits them. Online clarifying will be complemented by targeted face-to-face support.