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Rules of assessment for students
Information sheet 31

Advice for SACE coordinators about the rules for Stage 1 and Stage 2 students who are undertaking SACE Board assessments.

It is necessary to have a set of assessment rules so that all students can have a fair and reliable assessment of their performance. Students undertake to comply with the rules. If rules are not observed, a breach of rules process is followed. Students undertake to comply with the rules.

SACE coordinators should provide students with a copy of Form 1 to complete. This form is a declaration that must be signed by the student, verified by the principal or the principal’s delegate, and kept at the school.

Declaration at registration

At the time of registration in the SACE, students complete a registration slip on which they agree to comply with the rules and instructions for the conduct of the SACE. These signed registration slips are kept as a record by the SACE Board.

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Declaration at the commencement of the SACE

In addition to signing a declaration at the time of registration, all students new to the SACE are required to complete an assessment declaration (Form 1) stating that they have read and understood the rules for undertaking SACE Board assessments. Once the student has signed it, the declaration is verified by the principal or the principal’s delegate and kept at the school.

The assessment declaration advises students about the:

  • rules for undertaking SACE Board assessments that are directly supervised
  • rules for undertaking SACE Board assessments that are indirectly supervised
  • supervision and verification of student work.

The SACE Board requires teachers to verify that the work presented by students is the students’ own work or, where any part of a work is not their own, that it is appropriately acknowledged. A breach of the Supervision and Verification of Students’ Work Policy is a breach of the rules, and penalties may apply. Depending on individual circumstances, a student’s results for one or more assessments or for a subject may be cancelled or amended, as determined by the SACE Board. Refer to the policy and to Information sheet 3 for more information.

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Declaration at the time of an external examination

Students who undertake a paper external examination are required to sign the examination attendance roll; students who undertake an electronic examination are required to agree to the terms outlined in the online 'conduct at the examination'; in doing so they are making a formal declaration that they will comply with the rules for undertaking examinations, including the conditions for the use of calculators, which are printed on their examination attendance slip.

Students who do not comply with the rules and conditions printed on their examination attendance slip will:

  • be in breach of the rules
  • have their results for the examination cancelled or amended
  • be liable to such further penalty, whether by exclusion from future examinations or otherwise, as the SACE Board determines.

Refer to Information sheet 46 and Information sheet 47 for specific advice on the conduct of external examinations.

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