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Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training — NTCET

What is the NTCET?

The Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET) qualification is designed to recognise the knowledge and skills that have been acquired through formal education and training.

The completion requirements, approved by the Minister for Education, make the NTCET a unique and contemporary certificate that is closely aligned with senior secondary directions in other states.

The NTCET provides students with access to flexible learning arrangements where students have increased opportunities to develop the business, interpersonal and employment-related skills needed for the future.

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Completion requirements

Every subject completed successfully will earn credits towards the NTCET. 200 credits gained in the right mix of subjects and courses will result in a NTCET. A full semester (six months) of study in one subject is worth 10 credits.

Students receive a grade for each subject (A to an E for Stage 1 subjects and A+ to E- for Stage 2 subjects). For the compulsory subjects, a C grade or better will be required to complete the NTCET.

At Stage 1 (Year 11), all work is school assessed. At Stage 2 (Year 12), 30 percent of work in each subject (such as exams, practical projects and presentations) is marked by external experts. The rest of the work is school assessed, with marks cross-checked with external experts. This ensures everyone is marked according to the same standards.

On completion of the NTCET, a certificate which records achievement is provided. Information about student achievements are available online in both Stage 1 and Stage 2.


  • Students must achieve an A, B or C for all the compulsory subjects and courses.
  • Students must achieve an A, B or C in 140 credits.

Table outlining the completion requirements of the NTCET

  • For more information, please refer to Understanding the NTCET [PDF 521KB].
  • Refer to the SACE Board VET Recognition Register for information about the recognition of VET in the NTCET.
  • Interstate and overseas students may be granted status for studies. Students who have completed a full Australian or overseas senior secondary program or part qualification that is considered to be the equivalent of NTCET Stage 1 will be granted status, including Personal Learning Plan. These students will need to show that they have met the literacy and numeracy requirements.
  • In order to gain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), students are required to successfully complete 90 credits of Stage 2 Tertiary Admissions Subjects (TAS).
  • Flexible Options including recognised studies contributes 30 credits to the university aggregate. For more information see the current tertiary entrance booklet on SATAC publications.

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For the following NTCET resources, refer to NT Department of Education > Support for teachers.

  • Stage 1 and 2 NTCET subjects
  • Stage 2 assessment groups
  • Consent to release NTCET information
  • Application for replacement documentation
  • Contact list

Other documents

Subject lists

A printable format of subjects available in the NTCET.


The Northern Territory Board of Studies (NTBOS) provides statistics on the NTCET.

Access NTCET statistics.

Policies and Guidelines

Policies and guidelines are maintained by the NTBOS.

Access NTCET policies and guidelines.

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All key dates for the NTCET can be found on the Northern Territory calendar.

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General enquiries
+61 8 8944 9253

Director, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 7-12’
+61 8 8944 9251

NTCET student enquiries line
1800 009 282

+61 8 8999 4270


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