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Student success stories

A collection of student stories celebrating success in the SACE.

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  1. Hands-on learning for Austin

    A passion for practical learning saw Austin Wilson follow a vocational education and training pathway during his SACE – and secure an apprenticeship.

  2. Variety and culture shaping Bryce’s future

    A combination of SACE and VET subjects are helping Bryce Cawte develop new skills as well as explore and share his cultural heritage.

  3. Flexibility lets Daniel compose own tune

    Musician Daniel Young is dreaming of using his SACE to follow a career composing and scoring for movies.

  4. Finding strength in study

    A student has tailored her SACE to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a nurse.

  5. Farm dream for Jonah

    The SACE is giving Jonah Fatchen a head start in his dream career in Agriculture.

  6. Karmin’s cooking up a storm

    School-based apprentice Karmin Poulish is well on the way to becoming a chef – and complete her SACE.

  7. Recognised learning pathway to success for Kelzie

    SACE graduate Kelzie Schipp followed a recognised learning pathway that led to an exciting career in the equestrian industry.

  8. SACE preparing Lachlan to run family farm

    The SACE is equipping Lachlan Hansen with the skills to one day run his family farm.

  9. Piloting his own course to career success

    Nori Mullan is embracing the flexibility of the SACE to fulfil his ambition of becoming a commercial pilot.

  10. Hands-on training offers solid career path for Lachlan

    The flexibility of the SACE enabled Lachlan Osborne to try out a variety of hands-on learning options – before finding the right career pathway for him.

  11. Banking success for Letishia

    A school-based apprenticeship at a major bank is helping Letishia Fewquandie learn a range of skills in the workplace – and achieve her SACE.

  12. On the ball for flexible options

    Promising young basketballer Levi Haggett is using the flexibility of the SACE to shape his senior year studies and create his own launching pad for a future in the health and exercise industry.

  13. Sheer determination pays off for SACE graduate Alannah Field

    Alannah Field has overcome a series of personal challenges to accomplish her ultimate goal – completing her SACE.

  14. Enriching SACE journey for high achiever Alyssa

    A hearing impairment has not stopped Alyssa Acosta from achieving her goals – and her SACE.

  15. Entrepreneur Dion showcases SACE business acumen

    Entrepreneur Dion Lobotesis has put the business skills he learned during his SACE into practice – by running his own business.

  16. Hard work pays off for SACE graduate Forrest

    A student who missed two full years of high school has overcome his personal challenges to complete his SACE.

  17. Jake sets scene for exciting film producer future

    Creative SACE graduate Jake Rudd is one step closer to his dream of becoming a film producer.

  18. Medicine goal for caring SACE graduate January

    SACE graduate January Ntakirutimana is planning a career in medicine and a potential return to his former home in Africa to help his former compatriots.

  19. Johnny’s on the road to success

    A student who followed his business dream as part of his SACE has landed the perfect job.

  20. Sports journalism goal for SACE graduate Jordan

    Visually-impaired SACE graduate Jordan Routley is one step closer to his dream of becoming a sports journalist after completing his SACE.

  21. Metal work dream turns into job reality for SACE graduate Joseph

    A passion for metal engineering has ignited an exciting career pathway for SACE student Joseph Marsay.

  22. Music career beckons for SACE graduate Olivia

    Ambitious SACE graduate Olivia Gallina is dreaming of setting up her own music event management company in Adelaide.

  23. Recipe for success for remote school’s sole SACE graduate

    The sole Year 12 student at a remote South Australian school has overcome the challenges of isolation and intermittent internet to complete her SACE

  24. SACE joy for Sumaya

    A refugee who left Africa for a new life in Adelaide is celebrating completing her SACE.

  25. Science global journey for SACE graduate Vincent

    A love for science has taken Vincent Khang around the world during his SACE studies.