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What are the SACE specific capabilities?

All schools are already involved in developing young peoples’ general capabilities through the Australian Curriculum and SACE curriculum.

For senior secondary students, the SACE Board have developed specific capabilities in partnership with schools, further education and industry representatives. We are piloting their formal recognition with schools across South Australia, the Northern Territory, and SACE International.  

Personal enterprise

"I pursue opportunities, am resourceful, and get things done"
Personal Enterprise is about recognising opportunities and developing the drive to pursue them. People with personal enterprise identify and explore opportunities; they seek to find new ways of doing things and demonstrate initiative. They make plans, and in short, they 'get things done'.

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Quality thinking

"I am curious about the world around me and use a range of approaches to grow my understanding"
Curiosity is at the heart of this capability. Quality thinkers have awareness of, and seek to improve, their own thought processes. Generating ideas, evaluating information, and applying reasoning is core to building their understanding and developing their ways of thinking.

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Self-motivated learning

"I am proactive and in control of my own learning. I persevere to achieve my goals"
Personal growth and proactive responsibility  are at the heart of self-motivated learning. Learners identify their strengths, reflect on areas for improvement and embrace setbacks as opportunities to learn. They demonstrate agency in learning and show perseverance in the face of challenges..

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Principled action

"I learn from my own experiences and the experiences of others. I understand the impact my actions have and take responsibility for them"
Principled action is about actively seeking and understanding multiple viewpoints, and the potential impact of actions, circumstances, or decisions. Principled action encourages awareness of decisions and actions, fostering learners to become responsible and well-informed citizens.

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Collective engagement

"I am inclusive of ideas and perspectives to build connections with people, places, and community"
Being inclusive of diverse ideas and perspectives is at the heart of collective engagement. Learners consider purpose as they build understanding of the importance of inclusive relationships.  Developing skills in collective engagement requires identifying the strengths and perspectives of other people that can add value to a given context or problem.

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