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Meet the artist

Amey Theron, 2021 SACE Art Show ACSA Award recipient.

How do you feel to be an award winner at the 2021 SACE Art Show?

I feel very privileged to have even had my work accepted into the 2021 SACE Art Show in the first place. My success is a result of the amazing aid and support that I have received from my family, friends and teachers. I am very thankful to the sponsors of the ACSA for recognising my work and I carry a great sense of achievement and pride for my work. This award has motivated me to continue my art and strive for excellence.

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What was the inspiration behind your work?

My main inspiration for my body of artwork was my experiences that I had in South Africa, the move to a foreign country, and then adjusting to life in Australia. I often feel misplaced due to cultural and social differences, which amplifies my insatiable longing for home. This is something that I often attempted to hide behind my constant cheerful and fun-loving nature. So by working in a low key and utilising a rough pencil textures, I obtained an honest, raw and rarely vulnerable self-portrait. I structured my three abstract pieces to visually mirror the fear of “unknown”. The unknown of what events my might unfold around my family in South Africa, or the uncertainty of what challenges of social integration will arise in the future.

Tell us about the creative process you took with your work?

My initial approach to drawing was very photo realistic, but I soon realised that I was simply regurgitating the reference photo. To increase my authenticity as an artist, I decided to work large scale, develop a looser style of drawing and manipulate my subject matter. I took a series of experimental photoshoots, including a glass ball, mirrors, glass marbles, patterned glass bowls and lastly burned acetate. I utilised those photos as references for experimental drawings, in which I severely limited the time I had to draw them, forcing myself to capture the rough essence of each object. These preliminary exercises permitted me to loosen up my style of drawing, in turn rendering my final pieces visually successful. 

What advice would you have to Stage 2 Visual Arts students in 2021?

I would advise Stage 2 Visual Arts students in 2021 to develop work that they have a strong connection to. By producing work that portrays an emotional aspect, you as an artist, are sharing your experiences with the audience, which in turn can have an impact on their lives. Time management and effective planning is essential, as Visual Art can be immensely time consuming. 
Being extremely honest with yourself and your teacher/s will aid you in discovering your weak points, whilst simultaneously allowing you to improve with every artwork.

What pathway are you taking after your SACE – university/TAFE/jobs?

I have deferred my University offer for 2021, as I have am still to receive my Australian Citizenship, and I would like to save money before moving to Adelaide. In 2022, I will be studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia, and I hope to further develop and improve my skills and versatility as an artist.