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Innovating the SACE

Knowledge and skills are still at the forefront of a successful education. We believe this is not enough to enable students to live their best life throughout the rest of the 21st century. Powerful evidence from around the world support the development of capabilities and attributes during senior secondary education that goes beyond knowledge of subject content.  

The SACE is transforming to focus on the whole student and to provide them with the opportunity to develop the elements that will enable them to thrive beyond school, such as:

  • Zest for life (lifelong learning)
  • Deep understanding and skilful action
  • Ability to transfer learning
  • Agency
  • Human connectedness
  • Belonging

These are the things you can’t learn through an internet search engine but are needed so that students don’t just participate in society, they embrace it. 

Being a thriving learner is every student’s learning entitlement at the completion of school. It’s still about academic achievement, but with a richness that tells the world more about their capabilities, personal spirit and zest for life. It’s bold, ambitious, world leading and sets the SACE apart from other senior secondary qualifications. It’s vital in a world that doesn’t care as much for what you know, but for what you can do with what you know. 

Since 2021 we’ve invited schools, through the SACE Change Network, to get involved and bring innovative thinking and courage to test and pilot new ideas that help us shape the future. 

We are bringing thrive to life through three key strategic projects. Capabilities and Learner Profile, revitalisation of the compulsory elements of the SACE; Research Project and Personal Learning Plan, and Recognition of Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Learning are in various stages of piloting new curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, recognition, quality assurance and certification approaches.