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Quality assurance: Confirming

In the confirming stage of the quality assurance cycle the performance standards in each subject are applied consistently across schools to report student achievement.

During confirming, teachers are responsible for:

  • assessing student evidence and provide a result in the range A to E for Stage 1 subjects and A+ to E– for Stage 2 subjects, at the end of the teaching and learning program, based on the performance standards for each subject
  • applying results consistently in all classes for each subject throughout the school
  • ensuring that their interpretation and application of the performance standards in a subject are consistent with those of other teachers
  • implementing the school’s supervision and verification procedures to ensure the authenticity of student materials submitted for assessment
  • using Schools Online to complete results sheets and submit these to their principal or their principal’s delegate, for verification and submission to the SACE Board. For relevant key dates, see calendars.

As part of the confirming stage, schools may be required to participate in moderation for the Stage 1 Exploring Identities and Futures and/or one or more of the Stage 1 English and mathematics subjects offered by the school until their results are confirmed in two consecutive years.

All subjects are moderated at Stage 2, and all schools are required to participate.

Teachers of Stage 1 subjects required for moderation and Stage 2 Research Project (Activating Identities and Futures from 2025) should complete their assessment program in time to participate in Semester 1 moderation wherever possible. All other Stage 2 subjects are moderated at the end of Semester 2. 

See School assessment and moderation for additional responsibilities relating to moderation.

See Resulting and Schools Online for more information about submitting results.

For a full list of roles and responsibilities of teachers, schools, and the SACE Board, see Quality assurance – roles and responsibilities [PDF 127KB].