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Rosy Murphy

"The idea begun when I was handed my first Year 12 art assessment. Prior thoughts were already circulating so I simply stuck with them and started my folio with the subject of architecture. Quickly I realised that this new found freedom in ‘schooled’ art – where we can chose whatever we like - was something I was not used to, which meant my directions went up and down and sideways many times. As you can visually see from the result, the idea of architecture stuck, however was so conceptually different to what I had begun with. The evolution of this painting is one that developed into something incredibly meaningful to me; representative how I would place buildings and structures in my own mind. It was difficult to justify, so I put it like this: Being raised in a community full of close interaction, suburban life is something I experience maybe once to twice a year, due to my extended family living elsewhere."

View Rosy's practitioners statement [PDF 248KB]

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