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Adela Teubner

On the Morning after the 60’s

"My childhood was displaced from time, conjuring images of Dusty Springfield songs, playing “dress ups” with vintage clothing, and watching The Brady Bunch, paralleling my mother’s 1970s youth more than my peers’. My identity inhabits both past and present, suggesting the universality and interchangeability of historical contexts. Additionally, I have explored mixed media application of traditional craft techniques as embellishment to digital photographs throughout Years 11 and 12. My juxtaposition between historical, handcrafted techniques and contemporary, digital media also links past and present, reflecting how history defines current culture. This personally significant idea was the basis for my body of work. I used photographic and craft techniques to manipulate an authentic 1960s aesthetic within contemporary, digital photography."

View Adela's practitioners statement [PDF 48KB]

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