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Danielle Oliver

Old VS New

"My body of work explores the fascination I have with birds who I see as symbols for life. Specifically their colour, sounds and personalities birds give me the capacity to share and connect with my world. A story of resilience, Old Versus New concept of new beginnings and the replacement of the old. This is realised aesthetically through the foreground placement of two large vibrantly coloured Kingfisher birds resting on a pale ghost gum branch, bookending the view. Surveying their waterhole a rusted plane wreak awaits. This framed view continues successfully to be broken by the horizontal of the branch and the hanging gums leaves entering from the top much like the style of William Cooper. I connected with his scientific realism and was inspired complementary contrasts of oranges and blues that are further sculpted with darker tones of similar hues to create form. Their alertness is apparent in the way their head is positioned and the highly detailed tonal work of their feathers suggesting they could take flight at any moment. I am quite pleased with this effect as it reinforces my realistic detail and compositional layers take from Cooper."

View Danielle's practitioners statement [PDF 270KB]

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