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Mia Klaric


"Initially I sought to explore the styles and techniques of Anime art from the 1980s and 1990s, however, along the way I found a deep interest in the concept of artificial intelligence. My body of work examined the techniques used in this period of the Anime art style in media such as movies (Ghost in the Shell 1995), television series (Sailor Moon 1992-1997), original video animation (Bubblegum Crisis 1987- 1991) and video games (Phantasy Star IV 1994). My aim was to apply these techniques and create my own character that would be used in both of my final practicals. When studying and segmenting the unproportional figures in Sailor Moon, I began to consider how ‘human’ robots would achieve the same movement and flexibility as bones and muscles."

View Mia's practitioners statement [PDF 45KB]

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