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Lara Kittel

An Australian Experience

"‘An Australian Experience’ is based on one’s senses and emotions when heading into the Australian outback and more specifically the Flinders Ranges. Gum trees shape the Australian landscape and my passion and fascination for expressing their beauty and grandiosity of scale, governed the inspiration behind my practical work. I was most heavily influenced through researching and visiting The Cedar’s. Classic Australian Artist, Hans Heysen, taught me the power art has in expressing physical imperfections and the character of a simple tree. Heysen’s use of placing Gums before any person, illustrates his passion for the grandness of nature compared to society. Additionally, this was a source of inspiration, encouraging me to explore this concept further on a similar scale, but instead focussing on the texture and overall experience one develops when heading into the Flinders."

View Lara's practitioners statement [PDF 38KB]

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