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Kerri Hunt

Paper Eagle

"Paper is 2D object that is used so often in our everyday life and is taken for granted so much. We use it to draw on, write things down and document things but we never really acknowledge its beauty and how we can use this one sheet of paper to create such beautiful objects. The fact that I personally love origami was another factor as to why I chose this artwork. Through this artwork I wanted to demonstrate the beauty, strength and the different ways to use paper, for example origami, paper cut, shredded and roll up.To reflect this, I used an animal that is known for its beauty as it flies through the sky like it is weight less, almost like a paper plane and the strength and power it has to survive in the world, an eagle. This animal represents perfectly the beauty of paper but also the hidden strength it contains throughout the thousands of feathers it beholds."

View Kerri's practitioners statement [PDF 46KB]

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