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Guo, MengJia - Iris and Girl

Iris and Girl

"My major artwork started with an interest in nature and color. In many paintings, artist use natural theme to present emotion and ideas. Landscapes, climate and plants can increase the richness of an artwork. I personally like to study different type of flowers; I think that flowers can help to show character’s emotion in the paint. In history and art, people often anthropomorphize flowers, compare them to girls, and give them different meanings. I thought would be a very interesting idea to represent different girls with different kind of flowers. I wanted to study their facial structure, including the five senses, in their expression and eyes. At the same time, I wanted to try to create the temperature of the skin and increase the three-dimensional and richness in the work picture. With these ideas, I set the theme on flowers and girl."

View MengJia's practitioners statement [PDF 31KB]

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