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Lilly Flannagan

Inside on the Outside

"I have always been a very meticulous person. From noticing the small freckles on someone’s face to observing if they’ve had a hair cut, I’ve always unintentionally noticed the finer details in someone. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered this fact and became self-aware, that I had a desire to create photos that celebrated the fact that no person looks identical. By becoming aware of the finer details in people, I’ve developed a greater sense of empathy for people; a more intimate understanding of all of the traits and details that make them who they are. I endeavoured to make this work connect with the person that I am and wanted to give people an insight into how I see the world. Abstract photographs of the body show how someone can experience a unique study of the body as an abstract concept itself."

View Lilly's practitioners statement [PDF 82KB]

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