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Harry Ciancio

Urban Leaves

"My practical piece was a watercolour painting contrasting a busy city street with an oak tree. To get to this idea, I started with considering the medium of watercolour. This was because I have had some practice with using watercolours in the past and I find that they are my favourite types of paintings to look at. From there, I decided that I would base my major around some idea to do with big cities. This was inspired by a recent holiday my family took to Tokyo. After deciding this, I brainstormed a variety of ideas for majors I could complete to do with this topic. I eventually settled on the idea of portraying the difference and relationship between large cities and nature as it was one of the things that struck me the most in Tokyo. I would do this by contrasting a scene from a city with a scene from nature to emphasise both their differences and similarities."

View Harry's practitioners statement [PDF 30KB]

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