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Preparing for Activating Identities and Futures

AIF Teacher Implementation Workshops
Deep dive into AIF

Audience: Future teachers of AIF
When: 30 July – 20 September (multiple sessions)
Duration: half-day 
Mode: face-to-face
Description: These workshops  will be offered in eight metro and regional venues to support future teachers of Activating Identities and Futures (AIF) to take a deep dive into the subject in preparation for teaching in 2025. Teachers will be provided with an introduction to AIF: the subject outline, the intent of the subject, and the underpinning pedagogical approaches that will support their students to thrive in the subject. Participants will also explore student work samples developed during the pilot to see different ways that pilot teachers grappled with and shaped the course at their schools.

AIF Teaching and Learning Leader conferences
Preparing your school for AIF

Audience: Faculty Leaders and Curriculum Coordinators
When: 11 – 20 June (multiple sessions)
Duration: 90 minutes
Mode: online
Description: This session is designed for Faculty Leaders and Curriculum Coordinators who will be responsible for leading Activating Identities and Futures (AIF) at their school. The intent of the session is to focus on some of the logistical and operational considerations of the subject to support schools in preparing for implementation. It will provide participants with a high-level overview of AIF. 

Please note, this session is not aimed at classroom teachers. AIF teachers should enrol in the Teacher implementation workshops which provide the opportunity to deep dive into the subject’s intent and the four pedagogical approaches that underpin the curriculum.