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Strategic plan

Passport to Thrive 
A qualification for a changing world 


Over the past three years, working together with schools, the SACE Board has been testing different approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, and discovered the most impactful strategies from their experience on the ground. 

What emerged was the value of capabilities, students’ active role in their own learning, and how they showcase what they know and can do. 

These strategies enable us to get to the heart of what we are collectively trying to achieve for every student. 

The Thriving Learner 

Every learner develops the capability to: 

Open doors: find opportunities 
By pursuing ideas and creating new paths, getting things done and setting the pace. 

Stretch minds: through global curiosity 
By knowing more than facts and figures, pausing to think and asking why. 

Strengthen ownership: grasp responsibilities 
By identifying strengths and opportunities and embracing failure as a first attempt in learning. 

Embrace perspectives: honour difference 
By growing awareness of different actions and recognising the impact they may have. 

Share success: with communities 
By forming connections with people and teams who have different ways of knowing and being. 

SACE Board objectives

A qualification for a changing world 

Subject renewal 
Enabling deeper, real-world learning, disciplinary knowledge and embedded capabilities. 

Designing a way to fairly and formally recognise more of what young people know and can do. 

Quality assurance 
Building an enhanced model that: 

  • Extends trust and empowers educators as professionals 
  • Supports teachers to share examples and provide better feedback. 

The power of partnerships 

A co-design approach 
Developing new practices with decisions that are informed by: 

  • The learnings and experience of students, teachers and leaders 
  • The challenges and opportunities presented by further education and industry. 

The engine room 
Genuinely partnering for results delivery is at the core of what we do, while ensuring: 

  • Systems and processes are solid 
  • Teachers and leaders are supported through continuity and stability.