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Special provisions School responsibilities

Schools identify and implement reasonable adjustments for both school and external assessments that can be managed within the school context. School-approved adjustments do not require approval from the SACE Board.

For students with disability, schools must meet their legal obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Disability Standards for Education 2005 in determining and implementing reasonable adjustments in curriculum and assessment. Schools can seek advice from the SACE Board to support the fair, flexible, and equitable management of special provisions at the school level.


  • advise students of the availability of special provisions on the grounds of disability / misadventure / personal circumstances
  • establish eligibility for special provisions
  • provide evidence of the incident, relevant comments, and/or documentation of the section(s) of work
  • where appropriate, advise students of the progress of their request
  • discuss the outcome of a request, and any implications, with students
  • for external assessment forward the SACE Board student requests for special provisions on the ground of disability / misadventure / personal circumstances, with all the required evidence
  • for adjustments that affect the production of stage 2 examination papers or materials, schools must submit  to the SACE Board as early as possible in the school year so that the required adjustments can be put in place.