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Moderation procedures

The moderation process is based on a sample of students’ work from each assessment group. The sample is selected by the school according to the moderation sample selection parameters.

Moderation is conducted on the basis of the grade levels reported by the school for each assessment type.

The SACE Board gives feedback to school about the outcomes of moderation for all assessment groups.

Moderation is conducted in Schools Online according to the following procedures. These procedures are also reflected in the Stage 2 final moderation workflows for moderators and supervisors.

Step-by-step process

1.    Moderators use Schools Online to work individually to complete all moderation tasks within each assessment group. Once completed these should be submitted.
2.    Each assessment group should include:

  • for each assessment type all work for the selected students on the school assessment results sheet
  • a complete set of task sheets (not applicable to the Research Project)
  • the approved learning and assessment plan (LAP) and addendum, if applicable (not applicable to the Research Project)
  • a Variations — Moderation Materials (VMM) form, if applicable.

If any student material is missing (not mentioned on the VMM), the moderator informs the SACE Officer — Curriculum
and Assessment, by using the issues button on the moderation dashboard, who will determine how to proceed.

3.    For each assessment type, the moderator initially reviews student materials at the inspection points as follows:

  • the lowest available grade level in the A grade band (e.g. A- if available)
  • the lowest available grade level in the B grade band
  • the lowest available grade level in the C grade band
  • the highest available grade level in the D grade band
  • the lowest available grade level in the E grade band
  • half of the A+.

4.    The moderator reviews the selected student materials for each assessment type according to the review procedure below.