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Special provisions SACE Board-approved adjustments

Some students with disability will require reasonable adjustments that affect the production of Stage 2 examination papers and/or materials. In such situations, schools must submit a request to the SACE Board (Form 31 [PDF 190KB]) as early as possible in the school year so that the required adjustment(s) can be put in place. A new request for reasonable adjustments in Stage 2 external assessments for eligible students should be made each year if adjustments are required for more than one year.

Examples of adjustments requiring SACE Board approval include:

  • provision of an enlarged examination paper
  • an additional Audio file to be supplied for the student
  • provision of a braille examination paper
  • provision of an examination as a PDF for reading purposes
  • printing of an examination on coloured paper
  • supervision of an examination at home or elsewhere
  • extension to SACE Board submission dates
  • adjustments to online examinations (e.g. extra time, use of assistive technology)
  • provision of an examination in paper format
  • provision of an examination in electronic format
  • use of a derived result.

To request adjustments in external assessments on the basis of known, pre-existing disabilities, schools submit Form 31 [PDF 190KB] to the SACE Board by the end of term 1. It is expected that students have been receiving the same or similar adjustments for pre-existing conditions for school based assessments as requested for external assessment.

The SACE Board:

Considers requests for the use of a derived result, and where applicable then;

  • approves the use of a derived result for eligible students whose applications are supported by the principal (or delegate)
  • derives a result statistically from the predicted results (for examinations and performances)
  • in cases where students sat an examination or performed, awards the higher of the actual or derived result.
  • notifies students of the outcome of the request for a derived result.

Note: A student whose request for the use of a derived result is not granted by the SACE Board will be notified prior to results release. If the request is granted, the student will be notified at the time of results release.