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VET student success stories

A collection of student stories celebrating success with VET in the SACE. For more stories with the SACE, see Student success stories

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  1. Keeping aged care in the family for Isobel

    A gruelling schedule has not stopped SACE graduate Isobel Fischer from following in her late mum’s footsteps into the aged care sector.

  2. Variety and culture shaping Bryce’s future

    A combination of SACE and VET subjects are helping Bryce Cawte develop new skills as well as explore and share his cultural heritage.

  3. Flexibility lets Daniel compose own tune

    Musician Daniel Young is dreaming of using his SACE to follow a career composing and scoring for movies.

  4. Hands-on training offers solid career path for Lachlan

    The flexibility of the SACE enabled Lachlan Osborne to try out a variety of hands-on learning options – before finding the right career pathway for him.

  5. Banking success for Letishia

    A school-based apprenticeship at a major bank is helping Letishia Fewquandie learn a range of skills in the workplace – and achieve her SACE.

  6. Johnny’s on the road to success

    A student who followed his business dream as part of his SACE has landed the perfect job.

  7. Jake sets scene for exciting film producer future

    Creative SACE graduate Jake Rudd is one step closer to his dream of becoming a film producer.

  8. Metal work dream turns into job reality for SACE graduate Joseph

    A passion for metal engineering has ignited an exciting career pathway for SACE student Joseph Marsay.

  9. Music career beckons for SACE graduate Olivia

    Ambitious SACE graduate Olivia Gallina is dreaming of setting up her own music event management company in Adelaide.