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2022 Merit Ceremony
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Welcome from the SACE Board of South Australia

The Class of 2021 will forever be remembered for making remarkable achievements in the midst of a couple of challenging years.

Students, their teachers and school communities are to be commended as they adjusted to new ways of working outside of the traditional classroom setting, making a commitment to be resilient together, to support each other, and to continue the learning.

The SACE Merit Ceremony 2022 provided an opportunity for the South Australian community to honour the outstanding achievements of students who completed their SACE in 2021. A SACE Merit reflects the pinnacle of academic success and signifies a student’s dedication and commitment to hard work and excellence.

The SACE Board of South Australia congratulates all merit recipients and acknowledges the important role that families and school communities have in supporting students to achieve their best.

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The SACE Board would like to thank Brighton Secondary School for providing the music at the Governor’s Commendation presentation.


The SACE Board would like to thank the Vice-Regal Ensemble for providing the Vice-Regal Salute at the Governor’s Commendation presentation.


The SACE Board expresses its appreciation to the following organisations for their support:

  • Adelaide City Council
  • Festival Hire
  • Nippy’s Fruit Juices Pty Ltd
  • Santos Ltd

Ceremony Photography

To purchase an official photograph taken on stage at the Merit Ceremony, please go to saschoolphotography.com.au