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Roles and responsibilities

Select your role to find out everything you need to know about e-exams.

SACE coordinators

As the SACE coordinator, you will play an integral role in ensuring your school is ready to deliver e-exams. 

It’s clear from listening to the community that e-exams are more authentic and relevant for students, reflecting the way they already work. 

The SACE Board will partner with you during the lead-up to the exam period and will provide you with relevant training and information to support you. Support is also available for teachers and IT managers.

Learn more about your training.

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Principals Delegates

As a Principals Delegate (in majority schools the SACE coordinator has this role applied to them) you will play an able to appoint to a number of key roles Exam School Administrator (ESA) and Exam Invigilator (EI).

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IT managers

As the IT manager, you will play an integral role in ensuring your school is technically ready to deliver e-exams. Your involvement starts with your expert assessment of how your school meets the technical requirements to deliver e-exams.

Your involvement will continue during the year in preparation for the final exam. You and your school’s SACE coordinator will be offered training to help you determine your individual and collective preparation for exam day.

Schools that participated in training last year found it very beneficial.

Learn more about your training.

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If you're teaching any of the new e-exam subjects, rest assured that we are here to help with the transition. One of the biggest contributors to the success of the e-exam in the past was the partnership approach between the SACE Board and schools.

As well as regular updates to the website and social media channels, we will communicate with you directly via email and encourage you to connect with teachers at your school or local school network who have been involved in e-exams to learn from their experiences.

Together we will keep communication lines open, and work with you through the change to ensure your students have a positive experience with the e-exam format.

Our enquiry line is askSACE@sa.gov.au – please use this to ask any questions you may have along the way.

It’s important to remember that the best preparation for an e-exam is in the subject learning. The electronic format is just an alternative way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities. In previous years, students overwhelmingly told us they welcomed the new electronic format because it was in keeping with how they use technology throughout their schooling and their lives.

A range of activities are available for students to familiarise themselves with the look and feel of the e-exam. See Preparing for an exam.

As with any aspect of the SACE, special provisions are available for students who are eligible.

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Training opportunities will be available in the lead up to the practice window and final exams.

Invigilators for e-exams must be nominated by the principal's delegate in Schools Online to access the training.

Learn more about your training.

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