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Enriching SACE journey for high achiever Alyssa

Tuesday 18 December 2018

A hearing impairment has not stopped Alyssa Acosta from achieving her goals – and her SACE.

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The Adelaide High School student has excelled in her studies, completing Stage 2 Biology and the Research Project in Year 11, achieving A and A+ grades respectively.

This year Alyssa has combined a busy timetable of Chemistry, English, Japanese (beginners), Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics Stage 2 SACE subjects with two University of Adelaide TAS subjects – Accounting and Psychology, which she completed in Semester One.

The 17-year-old has thanked her school for the support she has received throughout her studies, and  believes the SACE has taught her lifelong skills.

“My SACE journey has been personally enriching as the academic, social and personal skills I have gained have truly helped me grow as a person,” Alyssa said.

“As I am hearing impaired I have had to compensate by reading more material or seeking additional help from teachers. This helped me become resilient when facing obstacles and also persevering to achieve the best outcomes. I know the life skills and capabilities that I have developed from my SACE journey will be instrumental for arenas outside of the classroom.”

Alyssa said she was able to apply effective time management skills to balance the rigours of studying both University and SACE subjects.

“At the beginning of the year I organised a study schedule in which I allocated a set amount of time for each of my subjects. Due to tests and exams I had to be flexible around my routine and compensate for study times lost due to other commitments by taking initiative and knowing my priorities. 

“I tried to maintain a good work ethic and avoided procrastination as much as possible, completing tasks ahead of time so I avoided cramming at the last minute.

“I also made sure I had leisure and relaxation periods, including playing the piano, which helps to reduce my stress as I find music really calms me down. I also cannot stress the importance of hanging out with family and friends on a regular basis.”
Adelaide High School Assistant Principal and SACE Coordinator, Nicole Bryant said Alyssa had worked hard to achieve her academic goals.

“Alyssa has taken advantage of the opportunities presented to her through the school and the University of Adelaide in order to improve her chances of getting into her first choice university course,” Ms Bryant said.

“The fact that the SACE allows students to draw on a variety of experiences and count them towards their ATAR has been beneficial to Alyssa but also allows all students undertaking the SACE to tailor a program that suits them.”