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Science global journey for SACE graduate Vincent

Tuesday 18 December 2018

A love for science has taken Vincent Khang around the world during his SACE studies.

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The 18-year-old followed his passion for physics and mathematics when he participated in the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra, and completed a one month internship at the International Summer Science School of Heidelberg, in Germany.

The Adelaide High School student successfully juggled these extra-curricular science activities with his SACE – studying English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Chinese (continuers), and the Research Project.

“The experiences I had at Heidelberg were astonishing and my connection with my peers is something I will take away with me for the rest of my life,” Vincent said.

“I had the opportunity to apply physics, exploring, measuring, and experimenting with stars within a few thousand light years from our solar systems through experimental optical physics and mathematical lectures.

“My love and passion for mathematics blossomed as we investigated more into the realms of quantum mechanics and astronomy.”

Vincent said his favourite SACE subjects were the Research Project and Specialist Mathematics.

“Through the Research Project I had the freedom to pick my own question to explore and I chose to investigate the world of quantum mechanics. I developed a lot of interpersonal skills through self-learning, self-exploration and self-discipline. 

“Specialist Mathematics has allowed me to explore the pure and fundamental nature of maths and physics which definitely heighten my perspective of mathematics and how I perceive the world. Completing SACE in general has helped me tremendously with my literacy, numeracy, interpersonal and social skills.”

Vincent hopes to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science, majoring in Physics, with his ultimate goal to go into education and/or research.

Adelaide High School Assistant Principal and SACE Coordinator, Nicole Bryant, said Vincent has had a very clear career path since the start of high school.

“Vincent has participated in programs both nationally and internationally to gain the experiences needed to further progress his career goal,” Ms Bryant said.

“In order to achieve this, Vincent has been absent during school time and Adelaide High School has been supportive of this initiative. The SACE Board encourages students to engage in these programs to further enhance the learning that occurs in schools through SACE accredited subjects.”