Research Project

About the Research Project

The Research Project is a compulsory subject, which most students undertake in Year 12. It's a one-semester, 10-credit subject, and you need to achieve a Cā€“ grade or better to gain your SACE.

The Research Project gives you the chance to do in-depth research on a topic you are interested in. It could be, for example, an enterprise or entrepreneurial project, a scientific study, an art project, a community-based project, a historical investigation, or any number of other options.

It allows you to use your creativity and initiative while developing skills in analysis, evaluation, research, and project management.

You can enrol in either Research Project A or Research Project B. For more information, visit the Research Project minisite.

You can also find out about other students' projects on the 'Student stories' page on the minisite.

If you want to get a head start, Research Practices is an optional Stage 1 subject that provides a valuable foundation for the Research Project in Stage 2. The subject is worth 10 credits and focuses on learning about the purpose of research, exploring research approaches, and developing investigative and inquiry skills. Find out more on the Research Practices minisite.

Framing your research

Your research needs to be framed as a question that you can respond to. Better questions allow you to respond in depth and explore various aspects of the topic. They also provide more opportunities to show evidence of your learning for assessment. Find out more about designing a Research Project question on the Research advice page.

Subject capabilities

You need to develop one or more of the subject capabilities while answering your research question.


This capability can include exploring how language is used for differing purposes and audiences.


This capability can include developing skills in interpreting information in numerical form and identifying patterns and relationships.

Information and communications technology

This capability can involve investigating how contemporary technologies influence communication.

Critical and creative thinking

This capability can include developing activities that integrate reason, logic, imagination, and innovation.

Personal and social

This capability can include developing personal and social understanding and participating actively in community life.

Ethical understanding

This capability can include exploring an ethical question, or looking at ethical practices in the workplace or community.

Intercultural understanding

This capability can include exploring a cultural issue and building intercultural understanding.

Research Project A or B?

To complete the Research Project, you can choose one of the following:

  • Research Project A ā€” your external assessment is a review of the knowledge and skills you learnt while answering your research question. It can be presented in written form (1500 words) or through a 10-minute presentation such as a PowerPoint presentation, a website, a performance, or a video/short film. Research Project A can count towards your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • Research Project B ā€” your external assessment is an evaluation of the research processes you used to answer your question. It is presented as a written report (1500 words). Research Project B can count towards your ATAR.


Assessment of the Research Project is organised into three sections, and each is worth a different percentage of your final grade.

Research Project A

  • Folio (30%)
  • Research Outcome (40%)
  • Review (30%)

Research Project B

  • Folio (30%)
  • Research Outcome (40%)
  • Evaluation (30%)