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IEA Conference 2020

Prescient educators: Teachers shaping the future

Spearheaded by global thought leader and international education expert Valerie Hannon, the conference will inspire teachers to be champions of change and challenge them to look at the future of the profession.

Save the date: Wednesday 25 March 2020

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The Institute of Educational Assessors

The Institute of Educational Assessors (IEA) is the professional learning arm of the SACE Board. Our goal is to improve student outcomes by providing teachers and schools with opportunities to enhance their expertise in educational assessment.

Marketing showcase | Teaching and learning workshop - Science

Teaching and learning workshop - Science

A workshop for science teachers on using video to enable active learning.

IEA | Marketing showcase | Industry spotlight session - Accounting (post-event)

Industry spotlight session

The future of Accounting

In partnership with Bentleys SA, we heard directly from industry and university experts about the real-world skills students need to work in the accounting industry.

Find out what our audience thought!

IEA | Marketing showcase | Physical Education Masterclass (post-event)


We were Physical!

Our masterclass explored contemporary approaches to Physical Education teaching and learning, and connected educators from all over the state.

View the video to find out what people thought!

IEA | Marketing showcase | Maths Masterclass (post-event)

Huge praise for sell‑out Maths Masterclass!

The Maths Masterclass provided a great opportunity for teachers to expand their innovative thinking in mathematics.

To find out what people thought, take a look at the video from the day!

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Assessment for Educators

A course designed to support a whole school commitment to reflecting on, evaluating, and enhancing existing assessment practice.

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Certified Educational Assessors

A course designed for individual teachers seeking to enhance their expertise in assessment knowledge and practice.